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Welcome to ACVV Huis Najaar

ACVV Huis Najaar is a old age home where we have been providing accommodation and care to the elderly and frail since our establishment in 1975.
We have a selection of assisted living and frail care options to choose from. Assistance is offered with medication, personal hygiene, meals, doctors' appointments and anything the aged individual needs.
We are here to ensure that your loved ones receive the compassionate care they deserve, backed by our dedicated team of personnel and decades of experience in providing a comfortable and pleasant home environment. More than just an old age home, we are committed to the well being of our residents.

At ACVV Huis Najaar we realize that care is not a one-size fits all approach and through our carefully designed care plans we structure our care approach to the needs of each resident.

Accommodation includes the following services:
  • Three nutritious meals per day

  • Tea times and evening snack

  • Nursing Care and Supervision

  • Medication Administration and Management

  • Cleaning Services

  • Laundry Services

  • Activities

Whether you are a prospective resident, a family member seeking the best care for your loved one, or a member of our local community, we welcome you to contact us and learn more about ACVV Huis Najaar.

Enquire today to make Huis Najaar your home.

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