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Accommodation options

Choose between single rooms, double rooms and rooms with own toilet facilities.

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Assisted living (Rooms)

Available for persons who wish to exercise their independence in a safe environment with basic assistance and supervision services as necessary. 

Laundry services, the administration of medication and many other services are included.

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Frail Care

Care of frail elderly persons with full care provided by qualified nurses and caregivers on a 24-hour basis. All meals and tea are delivered with room service to frail persons and those who are ill or recovering after surgery.

Services included

Nursing and Care


An experienced nursing team consisting of registered and enrolled nursing sisters, assistant nurses and caregivers is led by a highly qualified Manager: Nursing. They ensure that day-to-day care is provided to each resident to meet their personal needs and that prescriptions are carefully executed. .

Food Catering


Our in-house catering services that allows us to better meet the needs of our residents in line with dietary requirements approved by a qualified Dietician. Our catering staff firmly believe that nutrition is a critical part of our care program. Meals consist of combining fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and starch portionsThree full meals are served a day, plus tea and coffee times with sandwiches on the evening trolley.

Housekeeping and Laundry


Housekeeping and laundry services form an integral part of the day to day care of residents and are professionally executed by a qualified team of cleaning staff.



The activities program plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for residents and supporting their overall well-being.

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